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Slide-in labels

BAB Engineering Steckschild 2

Our slide-in labels are the simplest system of marking. For this purpose, text inserts are made as complete text inserts made of printed plastic. These can be put together directly on site into our simple profiles or special 2in1-solution brackets with additional arrows marking the flow direction and coloured external elements showing the medium on the spot.

Two essential advantages of a slide-in lable are the use of colored external elements or GHS-symbols according to the medium and the possibility of making changes to the text during assembly on site.

We recommend:

Decide for our complete text inserts made of PMMA plastic. These are produced by digital printing processes and therefore correspond to the highest quality. Thus, all the advantages of the plug-in shield are ensured, but the cost and duration of a sign mounting are thereby substantially reduced.

Our profiles and external elements

BAB Engineering Profilleisten und Aussenelemente 2

Our profiles are up to a max. Temperature of 70°C / 158°F (plastic) and 150°C / 302°F (aluminum) resistant and UV-stable.

Our external elements are available according to medium in different colors and can be used up to a max. Temperature of 90°C / 194°F (PMMA) and 150°C / 302°F (aluminum) resistant and UV stable.